Fashion Advertising 1950s

Suzy Parker in lilac for Vogue, February 1955.


1950s Vogue magazine cover.

 Fashion by Natona, 1952.
Model wearing a gown by Madame Grés, 1953.
Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor in ‘The Last Time I Saw Paris’, 1954.
Glamorous Dovima in evening wear, 1950s.
 Lucinda Hollingsworth for Vogue, 1959. Photo by William Bell.

wearing a black ensemble for La Femme Chic, 1956.

Joanna McCormick models shoes for Vogue, 1957. Photo by Richard Rutledge.
Helena Rubenstein advertisement, 1957.
1950s cosmetics advertisement.
Model wearing a white summer cocktail dress for Vogue Paris, 1952.
Karl Lagerfeld with a model at the House of Jean Patou, 1959.
                                            The Divine Dovima

Cotton fashions for Mademoiselle, May 1951. Poto by George Barkentin.

Pier Angeli--fifties-glamour-pin up

Models in floral sundresses, 1950s.--fifties-glamour-pin up
Simone d’Aillencourt in a three coloured gown by Pierre Balmain for L’Officiel, Autumn 1957. Photo by Philippe Pottier.
Diana Dors
1950s day wear.                      1950s evening fashions

Elegant illustration from a 1950s Frigidaire brochure
A bathing suit in ‘South American Colors’         
by Cole of California, 1950s.
 1950s Jantzen swimsuit advertisement.

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